Your skin

A precious all-round talent

Healthy and firm skin is a sign of youthfulness and vitality, yet our skin is not only for aesthetic reasons a precious treasure. As the largest organ of the body and with its wide range of functions, our skin is permanently subjected to environmental conditions such as temperature, dryness and pollution.It is a valuable all-round talent. Our skin protects us against external influences, supports our immune system, and has important functions in the metabolism.
With increasing age the power of regeneration begins to slow. The metabolism, and therefore the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid, decreases, which leads to an increasing loss of moisture. The skin loses its resilience, elasticity and youthful appearance. Effective hyaluronic acid and naturally regenerative ingredients counteract this process, providing your skin with radiant vitality.

Why natural cosmetics?

Certificated natural cosmetics are free of synthetic smells, colorants and preservatives and do not contain silicones, paraffins or other skin-irritating substances. As a result, natural cosmetics contain fewer allergenics than conventional cosmetic products.

The base ingredients include herbal oils and fat, sourced from certified organic suppliers whenever possible. These oils provide natural skin care and contain a variety of other valuable accompanying substances such as vitamins and other trace elements that are good for the skin and leave its protective acid mantle intact.

Moreover, these substances aren’t damaging to the environment. In addition to our carefully-selected, plant-based raw materials, other ecological factors—from the use of sustainable manufacturing processes that converse as many resources as possible to the use of biodegradable materials whenever possible—also play an important role in natural cosmetics.

BDIH certification

BDIH – since 15 years the sign of real certified natural cosmetics!

BDIH stands for:

  • Vegetable raw materials
  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic preservatives, perfumes or colours
  • No silicones, mineral ois, paraffin or PEGs
  • Controlled production processes

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aloe vera extraktAloe vera extract is derived from the leaves of the aloe vera plant (liliaceous plant). It has a cooling and anti-puritic effect, is anti-inflammatory, moisture retaining and is suitable to all skin types, especially for irritated or sensitive skin. It is also helpful against skin diseases such as psoriasis or dermatitis.

Wirkstoffe_Arganöl_320x220_72dpiThe valuable and traditional argan oil is extracted from very small almond cores of the argan tree. Due to the high content of vitamin E, it protects at cellular level against free radicals. It increases cell growth and renewal, and also improves skin elasticity. Argan oil is suitable for mature, barrier-damaged skin and also acne skin.

Wirkstoffe_Avocadoöl_320x220_72dpiAvocado oil is derived from the fruits of the avocado tree. It promotes cell regeneration and supports the skin’s own barrier function. Furthermore, it strengthens the connective tissue and smoothens your skin. Avocado oil reduces inflammations and is especially suitable for dry, cracked and barrier-damaged skin.

Wirkstoffe_Frauenginseng_320x220_72dpiGinseng is a cucurbit—a member of the gourd family—and is primarily found in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. It was used in southern China as an energizing herb and was widely considered to be a rejuvenating exile.

Wirkstoffe_Glycerin_320x220_72dpiGlycerin is part of the skin’s own moisturizng system. It comes from hydrocarbons and is hydrating, and since several years.
It is known as moisturizing ingredient – even more than urea.

Wirkstoffe_Hyaluronsäure_320x220_72dpiHyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance which appears naturally in our body and is part of the connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid is able to bind a lot of moisture, which upholster and smoothes our skin.

Wirkstoffe_Ectoin_320x220_72dpiEctoin is an amino acid, which is primary built from micro-organisms and which helps them to survive even under extreme environmental conditions such as heat, UV radiation. Today ectoin is produced biotechnologically based on bacterial cultures. Ectoins bind a lot of moisture within a cell and stabilies it. It furthermore prevents cell degradation in our skin, especially those which are exposed directly to UV radiation. Ectoin is hydrating, preventing and cell-protecting.

Wirkstoffe_Mandelöl_320x220_72dpiAlmond oil is extracted/deived from the core of the bitter almond. It is a versatilely applicable base oil suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive and baby skin. Almond oil makes your skin smooth and is suitable for neurodermatitis or acne treatments.

Wirkstoffe_Sheabutter_320x220_72dpiShea butter is made from the nut core of the African shea tree. It regulates the moisture balance, calms and smoothes the skin. Shea butter is suitable for treatments of atrophic and neurodermatitis skin.

Wirkstoffe_Squalan_320x220_72dpiThe squalane which is used in the yverum products is vegetable. It is a skin-identical lipid, which makes the skin soft and smooth without being oily. Squalane supports other ingredients by its absorptions into the skin.

Wirkstoffe_Wasser_320x220_72dpiThe water which is used in the yverum products is a clean and filtered mountain water. Through different filtrations, it is almost as clean as distilled water.

Wirkstoffe_Zistrose_320x220_72dpiThe Cistus is considered by many to be a rediscovered wonder drug. Its polyphenols mitigate harmful oxidation processes in the cells and provide active protection against bacteria and viruses. The Cistus is primarily found throughout the Mediterranean region and on the Canary Islands. It strengthens the antioxidative defensive system in particular and has anti-inflammatory properties.